Mission Statement
Our aim is to provide a community group, which allows pre-school children and their parents/carers to meet together in a happy, caring and stimulating environment, regardless of gender, background or needs.

The group is guided and managed by a committee of volunteers, made up predominantly of parents/carers who attend the group.

Guidelines for Group Attendees

To ensure this we ask:

  • That you are responsible for your child’s safety and well-being at all times
  • That you and the children in your care look after the group’s equipment and use it appropriately
  • That you treat the facilities and property of the group and the village hall with care and respect
  • That you encourage your children to take turns, share toys and be kind and caring towards others
  • That you inform the child’s parent or carer if the need arises that a child other than a child in your care needs to be reprimanded

Health & Safety

Please ensure:

  • That all accidents are reported to a member of the committee, and that a first aid kit and accident book is situated in the Toddler storage cupboard
  • That, as our group is for Pre-school children, if you bring children of school age, you are aware that toddlers equipment will not be suitable for their use. As with all children who attend our group, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are adequately supervised at all times
  • That you have read and understood and will comply with the fire procedures
  • That it is your responsibility to ensure that your child uses an apron for activities such as painting and sticking
  • That you will take used nappies home
  • That you do not bring children who are ill, have head lice or have had sickness/diarrhoea within the last 24 hours or any notifiable infectious disease
  • That your bags do not contain any harmful objects or medication that children may be able to access
  • That you take care with hot drinks and return your cup to the kitchen (we always welcome help with the washing up too!)
  • That you will not smoke or use drugs or alcohol on the premises
  • That you will pay your subs into the cash box each week
  • That you sign yourself and your child in when you attend the group
  • That you take care lifting and handling play equipment and ask for help when carrying heavy objects
  • That your children do not have unsupervised access to the kitchen, toilets and other areas in the Village Hall
  • That it is your responsibility to ensure that the snacks/refreshments provided are suitable for your children’s requirements
  • That you inform a member of the committee if you are aware of anything you consider could be a risk to themselves or other members of the group, such as a broken or damaged toy, or if you have any other concerns regarding the safety of the premises or equipment


The Committee of Grimsargh Toddlers and of Grimsargh Village Hall can accept no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of any person and/or their property.

Child Protection Policy

The Committee of Grimsargh Toddlers believes that every child regardless of age has, at all times and in all situations, a right to feel safe and protected from any situation or practice that results in a child being physically or psychologically damaged. In our group if we have any suspicions about a child’s physical, sexual or emotional well being, action will be taken by the committee.

Anybody who has any concerns should make them known to the Chair of the Committee/Child Welfare Officer. If it were felt that the situation is clearly an urgent case, the child is too frightened to go home or there are serious doubts as to the child’s safety, the Chair/Welfare Officer would contact Social Services or the Police immediately. If the concern is more about a child’s welfare then the Chair would seek the help and assistance of the local Health Visiting team at Longridge Community Hospital and/or the Area Social Work Office.

To help us implement this policy we ask that:

  • You treat everyone with respectYou are aware that others may misinterpret your actions even if they are well intentioned
  • You encourage your children to respect and care for others
  • You only share concerns and seek support from those people identified in the above policy.